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The Family

The Family

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Home At Last

We are thrilled to be home in Texas.

We were able to deliver all our packages and take pictures as requested by some families.  We will get these out ASAP.

Friday in Addis was a full day.  We started very early with a positive meeting with Sam's birth family.  There is a Gladney social worker present along for us a translator.  We ended up going through 3 languages (including English) in order to finish the meeting.  We took pictures and ended with a final hug. 

We recieved all our paperwork (visa, originals of immunization record, birth certificate and immigration papers) while we were at the gladney center for our meeting.

We went back to Bjoe to pack.  We took advantage of a care giver while we packed.  I went to the government orphanage, infants, and saw some sick babies and toddlers Friday afternoon.

We flew Lufthansa this round and were very pleased.  We arrived at the airport about 3 hours prior to take off.  We flew out at 1130 pm - little hurtful.  Sam did well on both flights.  Sam is 12 mo and walking.  We were able to get a bulkhead seat on the way from Frankfurt to Dallas - we created a playpin area with good success.  He slept most of the first flight and little the second.  He howered drank his body weight in formula, water and juice - lots of diapers.  Though active we were pleased.  God granted us the strength and enough sleep in make it!

NOTE TO ALL - Immigration note.  You pass through immigration first pass.  You then must go and wait for officials to review the paperwork you brought back sealed from the US embassy in Addis.  This was a 1.5 hour process for us - very hurtful.  Thankfully, once it was our turn the IR3 visa made it a slam dump / quick process.

Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers over the week.  I am writing this entry as I have been up all night due to jet lag with an opiniated toddler!!

As they saw in Addis - Chow!!



  1. So glad you are safely home and healthy. Enjoy your family and please keep us posted on how you are doing. Thank you again for the package delivery and pictures.

    Laura and Jim

  2. Congratulations! So happy to read this!

  3. So good to see that you guys are home! Enjoy this time of bonding.